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Meeturgent Frequently Asked Questions


Why choose Meet urgent?

Meeturgent is a social come professional community site for all types of professionals. Our members include scientists, researchers, employees, employers and students. It’s a community of professionals who come to meet and interact based on their career and lifestyle.

The main aim of Meeturgent is to match people based on their locations and professions so as to encourage and build local cooperation and communication-

 • We show you automatically the people that match your compatibility score (with gender taken into consideration). 

 • You are free to search other professions in a particular country or city. Additionally, we generally offer all the features that are used in all communities. 

What are the fun factors inclusive?

If you are planning to go for an event and would like to meet other Meeturgent members, go ahead and post your event!

Is Meeturgent meant for professionals only?

Nope! All professionals and academics including graduates, undergraduates and students and so on are welcome to be part of Meeturgent community.

Only scientists?

Definitely NO! Meeturgent is a community for all professional and academic disciplines including social sciences and humanities.

Am I charged to use Meeturgent?

Meeturgent is available for free use. We however have plans for you:

 We give you a free starter account which has up to 99% functionalities so you can look around and see the greatness of Meeturgent.


 We also have the Premium Membership plan which can be bought to access our premium features. You can also buy user credit and use it to buy gifts or even buy the Premium membership. You can also gain credits based on your daily activities such as uploading content on the site.

Who can register and participate in Meeturgent community?

Meeturgent was purposely built for professionals, academics and affiliates whether active, prospective or alumni. Presence or absence of academic degrees does not exclude anyone from participating. 

The person participating (also referred to as member or user), organization, company or incorporation must adhere to our TERMS OF USE and PRIVACY POLICY found in the bottom of this site.

Does Meeturgent provide mobile apps for Android and iOS that are downloadable?

We will be rolling out our downloadable mobile apps for both android and iOS in the near future. So, stay tuned. All our registered members shall be notified via email.

Can I get support and help?

Yes ! If have any issue, questions or hints, you are free to drop a note to us by contacting us or through our contact page .

What is the code behind every discipline and topic for?

This is part of our internal systematization that we created and use so as to easily find and assign contents. You may use the single codes for your own purposes without permission. However, it is important to contact us before using any part of our subject catalog. You agree to this when using Meeturgent, which is subject to our PRIVACY POLICY and TERMS OF USE as found at the bottom of our site. 


What are the member roles?

Meeturgent offers two member roles-

• Free starter

• Premium Membership

Each of the roles grant you certain permissions.

What is an account type?

An account type is a profile category .

 When signing up, you are free to select your account type . For example- engineering [ male ] , engineering [ female ] , doctor [ male ] , doctor [ female ]

What does (M) and (F) mean and what are they for?

When selecting your account type, you also select your gender. (F) stands for Female while (M) stands for Male. 

No member will be able to identify your gender unless in the case where you authorize other account types to start interaction with you. 

Why (M) or (F)?

It’s so simple! Should a female Researcher for instance decide to interact with female Researchers only, the (F) allows them to do so easily. Her account details will never be revealed to (M).

[And we are not feminists, if a female user wants to interact with men only men leads us to the next question.]

Can I change my account type later on?

Nope! You will have to contact us through our contact form. 

Will I be charged after the free trial expires?

Definitely NO! Your account status will be reset to the free starter and you will receive notification about it. You have the full control of the subscription payments and status. You can as well continue using the functionality in free starter status entirely!

How can I make changes to my profile information and credentials?

You can do this by simply clicking the dropdown on the menu bar and selecting “Profile Edit”

How can I make changes to my preferences?

You can do this by simply clicking the dropdown on the menu bar and selecting “My Preferences”

How can I make changes to my email notifications?

You can do this by simply clicking the dropdown on the menu bar and selecting “Mail Notifications”

What information is mandatorily required?

All the information fields with an asterisk denote the mandatory information.

Why do I need to offer my location information?

Meeturgent works best for you when the matchmaking algorithm is supplied with your location.

What is the location depth I have to provide?

First enter your city (town or village). Your street name is not required. Meeturgent does not function properly when working with regional information only. We therefore use Google autocomplete which is part of our PRIVACY POLICY and TERMS OF USE found at the bottom of this site.

I tried to sign up and then log in but it could not go through?

Our IP database gets daily updates and our system prevents any spam activity. If you think this is not right, please contact us.

What about online payments?

All checkouts and transactions are processed online via ccbill. If any other payment processor platform is available, we will notify you.

What are credits?

Meeturgent uses credits to increase dynamics and engagement of users. You can check your credit balance by visiting your dashboard.