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How It Works

Meeturgent is driven by the urge to connect you to other career experts from your locality using the highest level of industry professionalism according to your lifestyle and profession. The demographic data used by Meeturgent in finding the perfect match for you include gender, age, profession and education level.

Meeturgent works on a very simple basis and joining us is so simple. You can create your profile with us for free based on a number of profile questions availed when filling the joining form. Moreover, you can also make updates to some of the profile questions once you are through with registration through the Edit Profile. You can also update your Matchmaking preference so as to find your perfect match.

The approval of your account when joining Meeturgent is guaranteed once you’ve entered correct information and a recent photo as your profile photo.

Only users who are above the age of 18 years are allowed to create an account with Meeturgent. Moreover, posting of vulgar, explicit or adult content is highly prohibited. Users who do not adhere to this may have their accounts terminated with immediate effect in accordance with our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Upon successful registration, you can purchase the Premium Membership so as to access our premium features or continue to use the free starter membership. You can also purchase user credit (digital currency) which you can also use to buy gifts or buy Premium Membership. What’s more, is that you can also earn credit based on your daily logins or number of contents you upload on or via Meeturgent.

Meeturgent offers you more than you can imagine. You can advertise with us. You can also promote your profile, photos and videos or add your profile to the hot list for a limited time period when you make premium payments or spend credit from your balance. Payments can be made online or offline for any particular reason that you are not able to make the payments through our payment system.

Meeturgent can use your profile name, picture, age and location for the purposes of advertising the website but we guarantee that we will not sell your information to any third parties. You can also manage your profile policy from the privacy section after login.

Register Your Profile

This step only requires you to fill the registration form with correct information about yourself for an easy and quick profile approval !

Update profile preference

At this step, you only need to update your matchmaking preferences, interest, lifestyle and biological information to facilitate getting the right match for you !

Get Your Perfect Match

Based on your matchmaking preference and your location , you’ll get your perfect matching profiles from the My Match page !

Start Communication

You are ready to start communicating with your matches. You can as well search profiles using our quick and reliable search system !