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Safety Tips

At Meeturgent, we believe that dating is a fun and enjoyable experience and that’s the sole reason why we are dedicated to offering industry standard service to you with regard to your life style and profession.

We want to give you the most out of our professional community. Even though a greater majority of users are always honest and sincere about the authenticity of their information and the reasons for joining, as usual, there can never be exceptions. For this reason, we provide you with safety tips which can help you enjoy each and every bit of using our services.

We believe that your safety is our primary concern, however, you should always have your safety at heart as well. When using our service, you should not only think about what you are looking for in the relationship with other professionals but should also give consideration to your personal safety. Be skeptical and proceed with caution when communicating with other users either online or offline. Here are a number of safety tips which we believe will go an extra mile to improving your experience with Meeturgent community


Profile creation

Always protect your own personal identity. We encourage you to use usernames that do not have your surname which might attract some people with ill motives who know that particular surname.

Always remember that usernames that are sexually provocative, explicit or controversial could attract wrong attention towards you. As such, we highly prohibit use of such usernames for your own safety and that of other users.

Always stay in control of what you share and when you share. Do not readily share your personal details, only until you are really ready to do so. It’s also advisable to avoid including information about your place of work, home address or email on your profile description, which can be easily accessed by other users. Concerning your profile picture, as a conventional rule, only share and use images that are free from any controversies and you would not mind other users seeing.

Know new users well

When in the process of knowing new people, give it time and always trust your instincts. When chatting online with someone, think of whether you’d say such things on your first time meeting with them. Our services provide you with some anonymity level and time, so use it to get to know new people at a pace that you are comfortable with.

Always be cautious about amount of information and its depth that you share on your first meeting and even with time. Consider taking the common sense direction whenever talking to new members.

Make use of our secure platform and its features to get to know people better. Always take caution when providing your contact information to those who claim that their subscription is approaching an end.

Always do your research

At Meeturgent, we are dedicated to moderation of user profiles, however, it’s worth conducting your own research on a person before deciding to meet them for first time. Do some profile searches on social networks about the person for instance before meeting them. For instance, check the LinkedIn profile of the person before making any decisions.

Beware of warning signs

Although a greater percentage of users are very honest with their provided information, exceptions can be there. There are always signs that can help you identify scammers, who only want one and one thing exclusively-money.

Here are a number of behaviors you should watch out for:

Too quick progress –

if your relationship moves too quickly that you are always used to, think twice. Declaration of love may be good, but always be watchful of other motives behind it. Don’t be afraid to seek a second opinion if you are not comfortable with the progress speed.

Irregular behaviours –

if you identify some vague behavior such as the user trying to seek an offline conversation, acts inappropriately or has unlikely storyline, take caution and do not hesitate to ditch the progress and report them.

Money requests –

there are scammers who’ll try to use emotional stories such as of ill relatives, financial problems or an urgent job vacancy so as to convince you to send them money. This should call for alertness no matter how sad or compelling the story is.

Never ever give response to money requests.

Don’t give your bank details or personal information.

Beware of fantastic stories about business deals too good to be true.

Don’t let the closeness with someone cloud your judgment.

Reporting a problem or concern

If you get discomfort from someone you talk to on Meeturgent, stop communicating with them and don’t hesitate to report them to us. As competent providers of industry standard professional community services, your safety concern is our priority and we will act in the right way in accordance with our regulations to bring them to a stop.

We hope our safety tips are useful to you, and have a fun, enjoyable and safe exposure on Meeturgent!